Dangers Of Strict Parenting

Dangers Of Strict ParentingParenting, as they say is not an easy job. In fact, the hardest, because you have no rules or guidelines defined and no book to teach you or no tutor to train you. It is something that you learn gradually while raising a child.

Each parent has a unique style of parenting. Some believe in being lenient, while others follow the strict style of parenting. Raising a child always comes with pros and cons. There is no formula or any best style of parenting. Parents always wish the best for their child and that is what makes them the best parents.

Are overly strict parents act as a good example for their children?

For children, it is always their parents they look up to. We always feel children do not meet our expectations; it could be the other way round too. At times, parents do not behave the way a child expects them to.

Making rigid rules, punishing for every wrong action by the children and being overly harsh with everything are just some of the traits of strict parents. Children do not accept this kind of a behavior.

Some may retaliate and others may mellow down affecting their health, studies and behavior. As parents, it is your responsibility to be a good example in front of your kids.

Having a set routine and demanding good behavior from your child is in no way being strict but nagging the child for each and everything, comparing with other kids and above all, being harsh all the time is not what parents should do.

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Dangers of Strict Parenting

Strict parents often complain that their child does not live up to their standards. But have you ever asked your child whether if you are being a good parent or not? A child living in a strict environment can react differently. As mentioned above, some kids become hard skinned in a way, they know all they going to get are a good shouting.

They get used to the parent’s behavior and start to ignore them. In such a case, children become very stubborn. Secondly, even if the child doesn’t retaliate, they may seek some other help like friends or teachers. The support that should come from a parent is now shifted on the shoulders of friends. Some friends can be a good influence while others cannot.

So, one of the biggest risk of strict parenting is that your child may enter into wrong company and behavior. Kids with strict parents also become very low in confidence, hence, perform badly in school and suffer even more.

Strict parenting does more harm than good. After all, you want your child to grow up into a confident, talented and good human being. Strict parenting is not helping in shaping his/her character; it is making him/her more scared and skeptical about life and about parents.

A child’s biggest source of strength should be his/her parents. Maintain a balanced parenting style, where you have the right to be lenient as well as show strictness whenever needed. It is a big challenge for parents, especially the ones raising teenagers.

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