Deal With Your Childs Physical Aggression – Destruction Of Property

Few children are deliberately destructive, but even the most well-behaved youngster lacks judgment and is unfamiliar with the way objects are meant to be handled. Is type of situation also occurs as a consequence of some other aspect of a child’s behavior, such as her curiosity and need to explore.

You cannot Teach your Toddler to refrain from handling objects, but you can prevent a fair amount of amount of damage by planning. You should lock up your fragile treasures and take steps to childproof her playing and living area. Give your youngster toys that are strong enough to withstand her manipulation.

Provide cloth books for youngster who cannot handle paper books and give her papers that you have specially designated as paper for tearing and cutting. You can also control her chance to destructive. Keep the bathroom door closed and accompany her on the mission to the toilet. Child who loves playing with water can be offered any other alternative. If she enjoys making a mess, give her messy things to play like a play dough etc.

Even though she is only a child, your youngster has to live within the Normal Environment, and she should start learning to respect the things around her at an early age. When your youngster try’s to pull or grab something then you should tell her firmly but pleasantly that it is not a toy. If she repeats then it is time for you to make her sit and tell her that you mean business and repeat the instruction. As your child gets older and her verbal understanding increases, continue to tell her clearly what she may or may not handle.

Be quick to intervene when your youngster starts being destructive. Tell her immediately that what she has done is not allowed and explain once again the Correct Behavior or way to care for the item.

If you feel that situation requires a punishment other than time-out, take action immediately. Destructiveness can also be a result of carelessness. Try to reinforce the idea that all belongings deserve good care. Provide her an attractive place to keep her things and praise her when she puts things away in the place.

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