Dealing With An Overdue Pregnancy

Pregnancy time is always filled with the hopes and dreams of the baby who will be coming soon. But the joy will soon make way for anxieties and worries if you experience an overdue pregnancy.

Overdue pregnancy refers to the condition when the due date of the pregnant woman comes and goes with no signs of labor. It is very disheartening to see the due date go past you without any impending signs of the baby’s arrival. An overdue pregnancy can cause unwanted stress and tensions for the expectant mother.

Dealing with an overdue pregnancy is quite a difficult task. Here are some tips which will allow you to sail smoothly through an overdue pregnancy.

Keep your stress levels under control so as to avoid any complications. You should not tire yourself unnecessarily. Get lots of rest.  Do not ever compromise on your sleeping hours. Ensure that you get adequate amount of sleep so as to stress and fatigue.

Try doing yoga and meditation to ward off the unnecessary thoughts and to keep your stress levels under control. Keep yourself busy in other activities so as to keep your mind off the labor. You can use this extra time in your hands to pamper yourself and prepare for the arrival of your baby.

Stay in touch with your health care provider. If you are a week past your due date, then your doctor will perform checkups to analyze the situation. The dilation of your cervix and the amniotic fluid levels will be checked.

The baby’s movements will be monitored by an ultrasound scan and an electronic fetal monitor will be used to track your baby’s heart beats.All these checkups will ensure the health of the baby in your womb.

You can also try many natural methods of inducing labor. Eating spicy foods, doing nipple stimulation and having sexual intercourse are some of the tried and tested methods by which you can induce labor safely. Having a massage will help you to relax and will also help in the kick start of labor. Going for walks is also seen helpful in inducing labor.

If the above said methods of labor induction don’t work for you and you are very well past your due date, then your doctor will opt for inducing your labor by medical methods.