Dealing with Depression During Pregnancy: Some Dos and Don’ts

raditionally, more number of women has suffered from depression than men. The reason for this is not very clear. But the finger points toward the female hormones.

Mood swings and a general feeling of letdown are often associated with hormonal changes during menstrual periods. Depression in general is not good for your well being.

And during pregnancy if depression is severe, it can not only harm you but your baby will also be affected. In later part of your pregnancy the baby will not get enough sleep because of your negative mental condition. Also, behavioral problems have also been seen in children born to depressive mothers.

Depression during pregnancy is quite a common complaint in women. A rise in the level of estrogen and progesterone may cause this mental condition in pregnant women. Some of the mild to moderate symptoms of pregnancy depression are constant mood swings, anxiety, lack of sleep or oversleeping, restlessness, and body aches.

When severe, symptoms such as unexplained fear, crying spells, a feeling of guilt, or even suicidal tendencies may be manifested. If such symptoms affect you, then you should consult a physician preferably a psychiatrist.

Rather than straightaway seeking medical intervention to cure depression, there are things which you can do on your part to deal with depression. These are actually a list of dos and don’ts that will help you to deal with depression during pregnancy.

Consult a doctor and seek his help but do not straightaway request for prescription drugs to cure your condition. He will give you valuable advises to deal with unwanted mental situations. He will prescribe medicines if and when he thinks your symptoms are severe.

Also, talk to people in your surrounding. Keep yourself happy in the company of friends, family members, and love ones. You can also stick posters with inspiring messages. Make it a point to exercise at least three to four days in a week. Go for morning walks in your local park, meet people, talk to them and you will feel lighter.

You can also go for swimming. Both these exercises are best suited for pregnant women. Exercising will bring the right chemical balance inside your brain thereby keeping negative feelings at bay. Also never stay in isolation and avoid blaming yourself or feeling guilty for your condition.