Dealing With Headaches During Pregnancy

Headache is a very common pregnancy complaint and can occur anytime during pregnancy. During early pregnancy, the cause of headache can be attributed to the various hormonal changes taking place in the body.

Increased body weight and change of posture are the common causes of headache which occur during late pregnancy.

Headaches during pregnancy can be caused by many other reasons too. By making a few lifestyle changes, you will be able to tackle the problem of pregnancy headaches.

Missing your daily meals is one of the main reasons behind pregnancy headaches. Pregnant women might skip their food due to the feeling of nausea and morning sickness. This causes a decrease in the blood sugar levels in the body leading to headache.

Have many small meals a day and snack on protein rich foods which provide you energy. Keep away from caffeine and aged dairy products. Also keep yourself hydrated by having plenty of water.

Do not overwork yourself and get enough rest. Lack of sleep causes fatigue on the already over worked pregnancy body, which in turn leads to headaches. Try to get at least 8 hours of sleep a day. Destress yourself by involving in yoga and meditation.

Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption as they trigger headaches. Try to avoid loud music, parties and noisy places during your pregnancy time. Do not stay in stuffy rooms and make sure that there is always proper ventilation

Acupuncture and aromatherapy techniques also help in taking care of headaches. Sprinkle a few drops of lavender oil on your hanky or on your pillow. You can also apply an ice pack by wrapping some ice in a cloth and holding it against your forehead. You can also try alternating methods of hot and cold compress.

A cold shower helps in tackling the problem of headaches most of the times. The cold water helps in dilating the blood vessels thereby reducing headaches .Practice massaging techniques. Massage the forehead and base of the neck for relief from pain.

There are many over the counter medications available for treating headaches. But if you are pregnant do not ever have these medicines without consulting your physician.

If you are always prone to headaches, then the condition can aggravate during pregnancy. By following a healthy lifestyle, we can definitely control the problem of pregnancy headache.