Dealing With Mood Swings During Pregnancy

Enthusiasm, joy, and elation – these are the feelings that usually accompany the news of pregnancy. However, as pregnancy progresses, it is not uncommon for the mother-to-be to experience sudden changes in emotions, making her feel as if she was on an emotional roller-coaster. If you are soon to be a new mother, this might be something that you are going through, much to the bewilderment of your husband. Keep in mind that this is not a rare symptom of pregnancy. As your oestrogen and progesterone rage through your body, your neurotransmitters are affected, thereby causing emotional imbalances. While the bad news is that mood swings can’t be avoided, the good news is that they can certainly be dealt with.

De-Stress Yourself

The first way to deal with mood swings during pregnancy is to de-stress yourself. Pent up stress is like a volcano, ready to erupt. Therefore, find healthy ways to get rid of latent stress. Eat well, sleep well and spend time with friends who have a positive attitude. Avoid taking on the burdens of the world on your shoulders or slogging for extra hours at work. Take things slowly and plan your day ahead. This will help you be balanced and avoid activities that could add to your mood swings.


Sharing your feelings is the best way to deal with mood swings during pregnancy. Talk to your partner and express your feelings in a rational way. Avoid nagging or cribbing as this will only complicate matters further. Allow your partner to express his feelings too. This will go a long way towards helping the two of you to bond better and thereby feel better.

Spend Time With Your Partner

This is something that many pregnant women fail to do, because they believe that they look un-attractive as their stomach bulges. This, however, is a misconception. Your partner would love you all the more as you are pregnant with his child. Spend quality time with your partner, without feeling ashamed about how you look. Quite often, hormonal mood swings during pregnancy are aggravated by undue feelings of worthlessness. Avoid this to beat the blues.

Go For Fun Activities

Sign up for fun activities, preferably with your partner. Doing things that you enjoy will help you feel better and boost your happiness. Take up a hobby or learn to play a musical instrument. Music does have charms to soothe more than a savage beast!

Joy Natarajan