Dealing With Morning Sickness

When a woman is pregnant, one of the side effects that she must face is the morning sickness or waves of nausea. Experiencing morning sickness is common in close to fifty to sixty percent of women who are pregnant and can be hard to adjust to, especially in the earlier months of the pregnancy.

Although there is no sure shot way for dealing with morning sickness, there are certain ways it can be reduced and made easier to bear.

When morning sickness starts happening, many women simply try to work through it and do not take time to rest. Since the body is going through a number of changes, it is a good idea to slow down in the first two or three weeks of morning sickness and rest for a long time.

This reduces morning sickness in the weeks to come. When dealing with morning sickness, one must remember that the proper diet can go a long way in settling the stomach. A healthy balanced diet consisting of mainly fruits and vegetables is less likely to cause nausea than a constant stream of junk foods. Spicy and oily food is likely to cause nausea more often than simple meals that are taken in small quantities throughout the day.

Lack of hydration can also lead to morning sickness, which means plenty of water and juices are necessary every day. Sometimes, dealing with morning sickness becomes much easier with a change in prenatal vitamins.

Not every woman reacts the same way to the vitamins and they could very well be the cause of the nausea. There are some simple home remedies for lessening the effect of nausea too. Sucking on a lemon, adding ginger to meals and having peppermint are easy ways to keep the morning sickness at bay.

Many times, the sickness is triggered by a particular smell or odour. To prevent this, one can carry a soothing fragrance around with them and use it when one feels nauseated. If the effects continue for a very long time with no relief, one can also consider approaching the doctor to prescribe medications that will help in dealing with the morning sickness.


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