Dealing with Post Natal Depression

Being a mother is a tremendous responsibility and some women find themselves unable to cope with it during the first few days. They feel tired, confused, and guilty. Some of these are normal reactions to the hormonal war waging inside the body.

Feelings and thoughts of depression clear off after you settle down to enjoying your role as a mother. However, in some cases these feelings do not subside. Such women are diagnosed as suffering from post natal pr postpartum depression. The problem can be cured with medication and counseling.

Post natal depression is different from ‘baby blues’. The latter is mainly due to the physical and emotional changes that take place after birthing. Baby blues quickly subside once the woman gets acclimatized to her role as a mother.

If she is not able to return to her normal self within a few days, she should be checked and treated for post natal depression. A caring partner/family should be able to recognize the signs of depression that are

Crying without reason

Feeling low because life does not seem interesting

Inability to bond with the baby or even looking after the baby

Feeling worthless because of guilt over neglecting the baby

Getting panic attacks

Non-participation in day-to-day activities with partner or family

Trying to harm self or the baby

Causes of post natal depression can vary. Some women might have had a traumatic childhood where they could not possibly bond with their mothers. Women who have had mixed feelings about having a baby might also find themselves depressed over the prospect of being a mother. Single mothers who do not have physical or emotional support post delivery can also suffer.

In many countries women are screened for postpartum depression for a year after birth. It is important to recognize the symptoms so that medical treatment can be given on time. Treatment mainly involves subscribing anti-depressants and in some cases even counseling. These medications are safe to use even by nursing mothers.

They might not like the idea of taking pills for depression but it is necessary to make them understand the harm they might to do themselves and their babies if not treated. Such women also require the loving support of partner, family and friends to heal quicker.

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Anubha Pandey