Dealing with Short of Breath During Pregnancy

Most of the expecting mothers face this common difficulty of short of breath, as they grow more into their pregnancy. Although in normal cases, it is not going to be harmful for either the mother or the unborn baby, but it definitely causes uneasiness for the mother. In some situation, it might turn to be worse, in which you should immediately consult your obstetrician. Particularly, if this problem is associated with symptoms like increased heart beat, cough, pain etc.

There are quite a few reasons for which this difficulty arises. First of all, as the baby grows inside the uterus, the size of the uterus also increases. This enlarged uterus puts pressure on the upward direction on the diaphragm. Subsequently, the upward pressure on the diaphragm pushes the lungs to some extent. Secondly, the progesterone hormone secretion increases during the pregnancy period, which in turn compels you to take deep breath time to time. Generally, this problem gets diminished gradually during the late pregnancy terms, when the baby starts to move downwards to the pelvis area as a preparation of delivery.

To get some relief from this uneasiness, you may follow certain procedures. Among them most important is to take rest frequently. Whatever you do, be it official work or household chore; do it lightly, without exhausting all your energy. Take your time to finish up a particular task and then take rest for few minutes before moving into another. Secondly, you should be very cautious about your posture, whenever you sit or stand. Try to be straight and upright, so that your diaphragm does not bump into your lungs.

You may also learn some easy breathing techniques to control your breath shortness. If you have short of breath during sleeping, you may put extra pillows under the upper part of your body to accommodate the enlarged uterus. Certain Yoga position is also helpful to tackle this uneasiness. If you can manage to join a Yoga training session in the early days of pregnancy, then you can much confidently be at ease with not only this situation, but with other physical difficulties also.