Dealing With Still Birth

Still birth is even worse than having an abortion or miscarriage. A still birth can happen before your delivery, during your delivery or even just after. Some mothers can go through the entire nine months of pregnancy with a healthy baby. Every ultrasound may show that the baby is absolutely healthy. Something may happen during the process of child birth and you may have to hear that you have a still born baby.

This is extremely disheartening for the parents as they have gone through a very happy pregnancy, have gotten ready and made plans to have a complete family. Once you have a still birth you may feel more scared even in your next pregnancy thinking that this may happen to you again. Sometimes your baby may die during the nine months and your gynaecologist may tell you that you will have to experience and get through a normal delivery. This is also a terrible time for the parents.

In the case of a still birth it is normal to mourn for your baby even though it is very difficult. The mother and father are sure to be in shock but get help and support from everyone around you.

Sometimes, the mother might not even see the baby who has been still born. It is said that those who give birth to a still born child should be allowed to see and hold their baby. Any form of death would require a certain kind of burial, so even for your still born, have a burial as it actually makes the mourning process easier. It is better you do something with the baby rather than leave it to the others.

It will give you some peace of mind.a still birth may also affect your relationship. It may bring the couple closer or may even cause stress i the relationship. It is good to understand each other well and give support to each other depending on the other’s need. in most cases, even sexual intercourse is affected, but time is a healer and slowly you will get your life back together again.