Dealing with Swimmer’s Ear

Swimmer’s ear is a very common discomfort for kids who have started to take their swimming lessons. It can also affect the kids who love to be in the water for hours after hours. As a result of this problem, the kids might feel pain and irritation inside the ear. Sometimes, they also feel feverish due to this infection. Actually this infection is caused by the water, which gets into the ear canal while staying on the pool for long time.

However, you can easily avoid this problem if you become little careful before putting your kid into the swimming pool. The best method to avoid this problem is to close the entry of the ear canal. The swimming cap is supposed to cover the outer ear along with the head. But water still can seep inside the ear, if the cap is not tightly fitted. So, you should buy the swimming cap which exactly fits into the head of your little one, including the ears. Otherwise, you may put earplugs to close the entry point. Again you should remember to take out these earplugs safely, once your child is done with swimming.

Instead of using all these precautions few drops of water still can seep into the ear canal. If your kid feels uneasiness in her ear, after coming out of the pool, you should check properly. These drops of water may drain out of its own, if you can tip her head aside. Sometimes, the water drops get stuck inside the outer ear canal causing more discomfort. In this situation you may gently use a cotton swab to soak the water droplets. Even the use of hair dryer can also help in this situation to dry out the ear canal. However, you must set the hair dryer in low temperature and use it from a safe and suitable distance from the ear.

In case the water droplets get deep inside the ear canal, then you should not try to dry out by yourself. You must take your kid to the specialist doctor to find out proper way out. The doctor might suggest using alcoholic ear drops to dry out the excess water and to prevent the infection. But if the problem still persists, then probably antibiotics would be the only solution to control the pain and irritation.