Dealing With The Adoption Process

Adoption is a complex process which is characterized by joy and happiness on the one side and fear on the other. Adoption of a child can trigger multifaceted feelings in the family members including the parents, their children and the adopted child.

A family may experience bouts of uncertainty and anxiety with regard to their decision of adding a new member to the family, confusion about the manner of nurturing the child and apprehension about the children’s potential behavior.

In such a scenario, adoption counseling can prove much beneficial to the entire family in dealing with this sensitive phase when even the tiniest of mistakes can scar the family bonds for a long time.

Adoption counseling can be divided into pre-adoption and post-adoption sessions. Pre-adoption counseling is beneficial in understanding the process of adoption. It allows a family to prepare for the changing family dynamics followed by an adoption in advance so that it does not come as a surprise later.

The age and situation of the child to be adopted play a crucial role in determining the post-adoption conditions.

Post-adoption counseling enables the family to adjust to the changing status quo in the family. These sessions can be taken either individually or in a group. Group setting allows the family members to share their experiences with others and clear misunderstandings if any.

The counselor’s insight is helpful in sorting out debatable issues and coming at a conclusion. These sessions help in bringing out suppressed emotions and feelings and sometimes the sessions are quite overwhelming. The session bestows the family members with a fresh perspective to handle the process of adoption.

The adopted child can also be a part of the counseling session where the child can share his fears and anxieties, explain his expectations and get to know his new family better.

Sometimes adopted children
go through traumatic experiences of attachment disruption or abuse in their earlier lives. These issues can be solved through therapy given to the children during these sessions.

This allows the child to adapt to the new setting and accept the new family members with love. The therapeutic sessions aid the adopted child in dealing with the changes and recover from the traumatic experiences of the past to begin an new life.