Dealing with The Stealing Habits in Kids

Kids are not aware of good and bad habits.So, it’s very important for parents to keep a check on their kid’s habits and correct them and show them the correct path. Stealing is a common habit in kids which is easily developed in them. There are various reasons which lead kids into this bad habit. 

Children under the age of 4 yrs are innocent in nature and do not have the concept of ownership. They get attracted by small little things around them either in the market place or school or at their friend’s house. As a result ,they get tempted and want to posse’s them.

So; they tend to carry away the things along with them. Irrespective of the fact that this action of their child is not stealing and is not intentional, parents must discourage such activities of their kid’s and make them understand about the same.

As kids grow, they understand the meaning of stealing but they have their own reasons for doing it. So, parents must try to find out the reason for stealing ihabit in their kids and then deal with them accordingly.Patience, wisdom and understanding are the prime words for handling kids in such situations.

Sometimes parents ignore their kid’s need and do not buy them .As a result when the kid find similar thing at some other place, he steals it to fulfill his desire. They know parents are the only source which can fulfill their desire and so when parents do not meet their demands, they are left with no other option and hence steal things .

Therefore, parents must understand their kids need from their perspective as well as they must listen to them carefully. Parents must also teach their kids about self control.

Some kids do not get the required amount of attention from their parents or peer group.So,in order to attract them ,they indulge themselves into this wrong habit of stealing.Therefore,parents must always spend quality time with their kids and provide them with constant support.

Some kids steal things for excitement and some because of lack of self control.So, if parents make their kids aware about right and wrong habits from the initial years, then such kids will not indulge themselves into wrong habits of stealing.

Friends are the most influential factor in kid’s life especially during teens. Bad friend circle is always risky and may induce stealing habit in kids. In addition to this, kids also start stealing because of peer pressure. Many a times, the peer group status does not match with the kid’s status.

As a result in order to be at par with the peer group, kids start stealing. So, parents must keep a check on their kid’s friends and guide them and help them to make good friends. .

Raka Raghuvanshi