Dealing With Toddler Tantrums

It is very normal for the toddlers to throw tantrums. But some just throw emotional fits occasionally, while others throw tantrums on a daily basis.You have to understand that your child is very small and has not yet developed a control on his emotions.
So a melt down is normal in which they release their frustration by throwing tantrums.Many parents assume that their child is trying to manipulate them by throwing tantrums.

It is true in some cases. It is important to identify the reasons behind this type of behavior, only then you can find solution to it. For example, if you child screams due to hunger, make sure that his meals are ready before time. Or you can carry snacks or cookies etc along with you, wherever you go.Try to make sure that your child does not hurt himself or anyone else in anger.

Most important thing is to stay calm and polite. Your softness and politeness will help your baby calm down. Shouting and yelling will worsen the situation. Do not show your anger. Have patience. Hold your child in your lap and soothe him. Make him feel comfortable. You have to set an example for your kid that anger is not the way to deal with things.

But it is very important to make sure that you never reward a tantrum. This teaches them that they can get whatever they want by throwing tantrums. Do not care about what people are thinking. It does not make you a bad parent at all. Reasoning out with a child at this point makes no sense. So try to listen to his point of view.

Although throwing tantrums is a normal part of development of a child. But sometimes it can develop into a serious problem. If you feel that your child’s tantrums are becoming violent or very frequent, you may consider discussing your problem with a counselor.

It is not easy becoming a toddler’s parent. Remember that your toddler will grow old and will be able to understand things better and will turn into a reasonable and communicative human. So relax and just give time.

chhavi khullar