Dealing With Water Retention During Pregnancy

Water retention is a common problem during pregnancy. One in every three woman suffers from it. The reason for water retention during pregnancy is the high levels of estrogen in the body. The body becomes bloated as a result with swelling in face, fingers and ankles. The swelling can be uncomfortable and in some cases even painful. While water retention is not altogether avoidable, however there are a few precautions that can be taken to make it less discomforting and reduce it a little.

You are suffering from water retention of your rings do not fit in any more in your fingers and if your finger leaves imprint on your ankle.

Reduce sodium intake. Some women might crave for high salted foods but this is not good for your pregnancy. Foods high in sodium content increase water retention in the body. By cutting on your salt intake you can considerably reduce the swelling caused by water retention.

Don’t sit for long at one place. Take short strolls every half hour. Sitting at any one place for long hours will increase the content of fluids leading to feeling of extreme discomfort. Don’t sit with your legs hanging down. Always keep your legs elevated to avoid fluid accumulation.

Sleep with your legs placed over pillows. The legs should be placed higher than the level of your heart. This will help reduce the swelling in the legs to a great extent.

Don’t take too much of caffeinated drinks. Drinks with caffeine can increase water retention just like sodium. Caffeine is a diuretic and arrests the excretion of water from the body. Instead take to drinking fruit based drinks.

Increase your intake of water. The more water your drink the less water retention you will have. When our body sees that its need for water is being fulfilled it automatically starts flushing out the excess water along with other toxics.

Take foods rich in potassium to decrease water retention. Bananas, Orange juice and potatoes are good sources of potassium.

Exercise regularly. If it is possible indulge in some pregnancy related yoga poses. Yoga is good for reducing swelling caused by water retention. If yoga is not your style, walk for 30 minutes daily. Any form of regular exercise will help you deal with water retention.

Anubha Pandey