Decorating a Baby Room

When it comes to newborns, every parent is on cloud nine! A baby’s arrival changes the whole dynamics of the house. Decking up a baby’s room is as enjoyable as it is challenging. With major global players in the market offering breath-taking arrays of styles to choose from, be it furniture, clothes or toys, one is definitely left spoilt for choice.


Choosing the color scheme for your baby’s room is one step closer to your goal. Hues of blues and pinks are the buzzwords here. These preferred colors still have many takers though the conventional stuffed and wooden toys have made way for more sophisticated toys and gadgets.


Themes based rooms have saturated the market, what with the huge variety they offer in terms of colors and designs.

Girl’s Room

Girl’s theme based rooms revolve around popular fairytales interspersed with stuffed toys, Barbie dolls and other interesting characters from the cartoon world. With the influence of media in every thing that we touch, a kid’s room is no exception to the rule.

Wallpaper depicting scenes from a fairytale or a scene from a popular cartoon would boost the whole look of the room apart from giving immense satisfaction to the kids.

Boy’s Room

Choosing themes for a boy’s room offers a tough challenge for moms as boys have a mind of their own and tend to be more assertive in these areas. Incorporating their favorite cartoon figures as wallpaper designs are a sure way to keep them pleased. Arranging their favorite playthings too would surely meet with their approval.

Play Area

A baby’s room must definitely include a play area where all the toys could be kept and used as they please. This could also double up as a study area as he grows up and spends less time playing indoors.

Furniture / Accessories

A baby room must have furniture that cater to certain safety standards. Avoiding sharp edges and corners can avoid many a mishap in future. Furniture can be in bold and bright hues to brighten up their world!

Reds, greens and yellows are all favored colors for both boys and girls. Throwing in beautiful handcrafted products like stuffed dolls and animals can surely make your baby’s room a unique place of art!

Rooms with proper ventilation to bring in natural light would add the necessary aura of light and play of shadows to your little one’s room. Huge life size photos of your baby’s happy moments can be used as highlights to the room.

With so much planning and preparation from your side, your little one is sure to be proud of his room, where he can spend the best years of his life!


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