Delayed Motherhood

People often feel that a woman’s life is not complete if she does not have a baby. There is no exact age ad to when someone should get pregnant. Pregnancy and conceiving depends on many factors. Sometimes couples are too busy and engrossed in their work and decide to delay the conception. Others would rather simply enjoy their marriage and independence before starting a family.

In any case the later a woman waits the more problems she is likely to face in her pregnancy. The ideal age for a woman to get a baby is between the age of twenty five to thirty five. After this time there are certain risks involved. After the age of thirty five a test called the amniocentesis is very necessary as there are more chances of the baby having abnormalities. Young mothers have more energy and life to deal with their baby as compared to alder mothers who have much less stamina.

When a women delays pregnancy it gets more and more difficult to conceive naturally and the couple starts to get tense and anxious in the process. The older you get the higher are the chances to miscarry and you need to take much more care. After the age of forty if a woman gets pregnant it is actually termed as a high risk pregnancy.

You do hear of people giving birth to normal and healthy babies after the ages of thirty five and forty but all doctors will advice you not to wait if not necessary as there could be complications. The decision on when to get pregnant totally depends on the mother and she is the only one who will decide when it is the right time depending on her problems and priorities in her life.

In case  the mother is not able to conceive and she realises it too late  that is by the time she is over thirty five other options that are available will  also only prolong the process and she may actually ruin her chances of having her own baby just because of waiting for so long. So even though the decision is up to the mother think about the problems in late motherhood also.