Delivering A Breach Baby Normally

A breach baby is a baby whose head is not engaged. It is the baby whose legs are facing downwards or whose bottoms is facing down, and head and legs are facing down. In some cases, it is possible to deliver a breach baby as a normal vaginal delivery.

In the case of a breach baby, the water bag usually bursts first. Int he case of a breach baby, you cannot have the baby delivered at home. It needs to be done by a professional gynecologist.  A breach baby will make you experience more back pain. The best position for the woman to be in for a breach delivery is in a sitting position as it is much more comfortable.

It is more important to breathe correctly during your breach delivery rather than on pushing the baby out. if your baby’s feet and head are both up and the bottom is down, the doctor may gently insert her hand to ease the baby out. You may need an episiotomy to enable the baby to get the head out quickly.

It is very important that the birth canal has enough place for the baby’s head to pass through it. Usually, in a breach baby, the buttocks come out first then the legs and the weight of the baby will automatically push the head out.

The only time that you will actually need to push is to get the head out. Once your baby’s legs are out, if you have enough energy, you may actually be able to hold the elgs and push your baby and deliver it yourself. It is usually said that it is better to opt for a cesarean if your baby is in the breach position. During a breach delivery, the chord may be stuck in the area between the cervix and the baby. this will not give the baby enough oxygen and could be fatal for the baby.

Even if you are going through a normal vaginal delivery with your breach baby, there may be the need to rush for an emergency cesarean section if something seems wrong.