Demerits Of Delayed Parenting

You will read very often that it is best to have a child before you have reached the age of thirty. If you plan a child late, you have more chances of encountering troubles conceiving and also in your pregnancy.

Today, however, people are more interested in settling down in their work, getting a home, car and a comfortable pay before they think about having a family. While this is a good thing for you, you also have many things which go against you.

Apart from medical problems, there are many other troubles that you will have to face. For one, pregnancy is rather demanding on the mother. The older you get, the more complications you are likely to develop through your pregnancy. Although your child may be born with none of these defects, you may still have to face these problems, which may only start to compound with time.

Children are highly demanding – both on your time and also on your energy. In the younger years, you will have to be physically fit to be able to run and play with them, and also be able to be in many places to help shield your child from danger. The older you are, the more difficulty you will have in coping with them.

As you get older, you must remember that the gap between you and your child will increase. This does not mean a gap only chronologically, but also in terms of ideas and beliefs. The generation gap between you and your child will widen, and there are more chances of conflicts and confrontations with them as they grow older.

Often, parents like to give themselves a time line. They would like to be on their own, be able to stop working and let their savings support them. They would like to travel and pursue any passions that they have given up for the sake of their family. If you have your child late, you may not have the liberty of giving up your work till much later. If you are unable to work, you may have to give up your savings to your children since they may not yet be in a position to support themselves.