Dental Care During Pregnancy

Pregnancy doe not come free of problems. Right from the onset of getting pregnant women encounter various hormonal changes and experience lots of changes in their body. Different women experience different things. You may or may not feel nausea. Similarly you may or may not have complications during your pregnancy.

However you need to keep a check on your self as well as the baby. Dental care during pregnancy is very important and routine check ups to the dentist is absolutely not a problem. Just make sure to inform him that you are pregnant so that he does not take out any x rays. If you are experiencing nausea and vomiting; which is more common in the first three months then there is bacteria collecting in your teeth. This needs to be cared for right from the start. So make sure to clean your teeth well.

Some women can bet what is known as pregnancy gingivitis from the third month itself. You will find that there is swelling in the gums and it may also sometimes bleed and appear quite red. If it is not cared for well then it can get severe and last right up to the end of your pregnancy. Pregnancy tumors; though not very common can also be caused due to poor dental hygiene. These are large lumps that are formed  in the month that may need to be removed.

Dental problems can cause you to have a premature baby and your baby may also have a low birth weight. Therefore it is very important to brush well and use a mouth wash as well as floss regularly. Take care on the things that you eat. Avoid eating sweets and chocolates and instead eat lots of fibre rich foods and milk and milk products. Fruits and vegetables are good not only for the baby but for your teeth as well.

Visit your dentist if you see any signs of dental trouble and stop it before it spreads and gets worse. Brush your teeth well and use a mouth wash for rinsing and floss regularly as well. Your teeth need more care now than ever before.