Depression During and After Pregnancy

There are lots of issues that you face during pregnancy such as nausea, vomiting, back pain etc. Apart from these, depression is also found among women during and even after the pregnancy.

Out of 10 pregnant women, at least one woman suffers from bouts of depression. Feeling lonely and emptiness, sad, anxious all the time are some of the signs of depression. The intensity of depression may be mild or sever and varies from person to person.

Depression can be defined as a mental illness involving the person’s body, mind and thinking.

Depression can occur among women during as well as after the pregnancy. However, it is more prevalent among women during the course of the pregnancy.

There could be many causes of depression during pregnancy:

If somebody in your family has the history of depression, you are more likely than not to suffer from depression.

Depression changes a lot in a women’s life. All these changes might impact the pregnant women mentally.

Any women having the tendency to go in depression before pregnancy, is more likely to have depression during and after pregnancy.

Many women are petrified of being in labor and taking care of the baby. All this affects them mentally.

In many cases, women feel that they don’t have the required financial or family support for raising the baby. This disturbs them mentally.

After having the baby, the new mother is just confined to their homes by taking care and feeding the baby for the whole time. This creates a sort of monotony in their leaves and also leaves them zapped and exhausted. All this leads them in to depression.

How to fight this depression?

To counter the depression, the pregnant women themselves and their immediate family have to work towards it. Pregnant needs to do everything that keeps her happy. Whether it is dance, reading book, going for movies etc. do anything that makes you happy. Always reassure yourself that it is a passing phase and shall pass away.

Your immediate family and friends shall take an extra effort to perk you up whenever you are down. Talk to your husband and family about what is bothering you. By doing this you will feel lighter from inside. If the depression still persists, make sure to consult a psychiatrist, who can help you to fight away the depression blues.