Depression During Pregnancy – An Overview

Pregnancy is a time when a woman experience many physical and emotional changes. Depression during pregnancy or antepartum depression is a problem which troubles many pregnant women.

It is seen that 10 to 20 percent of pregnant women suffer from depression. Hormonal changes and sudden changes in lifestyle can all contribute to this problem. If you suffer from antepartum depression, then you will exhibit symptoms like disturbed sleep patterns, lose of interest in activities and a sense of sadness.

Depression during pregnancy
should be treated with utmost care as it can cause harm to the mother as well as the baby. If left untreated, depression can lead to problems like premature birth and developmental problems in babies. It can also lead to inadequate weight gain and problems like preeclampsia in the expectant mother.

Pregnancy is a time to be happy and you should by no means succumb to depression. Here are some tips you can follow to combat depression during pregnancy.

Take good care of yourself. If you are tired and fatigued then it will only make the condition of depression worse. Do not ever compromise on your sleeping hours. You can also pamper yourself with massages and aromatherapy sessions to get relief from depression.

Do have a proper diet as healthy and nutritious food is very much required to keep your hormone levels stable. It is seen that certain food items can influence your emotional health. Increase your intake of Calcium and Vitamin B and reduce the consumption of refined sugar and caffeine, as these food items are found to influence your mood swings.

Don’t hesitate to take help from others and do build up a support network. Talking your heart out to your partner, your doctor or your close confidante will surely help. They will definitely suggest methods which will help you fight the demons of depression.

Do not resort to self medications as they can prove to be dangerous for the growing fetus. Have anti depressants if and only if they are prescribed by your doctor.

Finally, exercise daily. Exercise stimulates the production of the feel good hormones called endorphins which will help to ward off depression and boost up your mood.

Yoga and meditation are two sure shot methods which will help you deal with depression very efficiently.