Depression Pre And Post Child’s Birth: Guidelines To Deal

Some years back read in a newspaper; a twenty three old year mother drowned her one year old child in water, due to anger and depression.

Confronting depression and unreasonable anger during pregnancy and post child’s birth is very prominent problem which quite lot number of women face around the world.Psychologists quote that, depression usually nullifies within five month or maximum in two years after child’s birth. The main reason of depression is physical changes which has affect on psychological factors as well.

When a woman tend to conceive there are various hormonal changes take place, in body progestogens and estrogen hormones level rise and within 24 hours of child’s birth the level of both the hormones doped down to previous level.

The transformation of hormones creates lot of disturbance and tends to affect the mantel status as well. In addition after child’s birth the thyroid hormone all drops down. Apart from biological reasons, lack of healthy sex life, losing the identity since entire focus shift on baby, for career oriented women baby turns out to take away the freedom or sense of responsibility towards child generate the depression.

As recommended by various gynecologist and psychiatrist that are many ways through which one can certainly nullify this depression and return to normal life. Before planning the baby prepare yourself mentally, where both husband and wife must contribute equally and take the child’s decision with mutual concern.

In some hospitals counseling sessions have been organized for mother; from reasons to solution of depressions have been explained. Hospitals arrange the sessions for large group of mothers where they can interact and exchange their experiences. Whenever you feel depressed or lonely doesn’t suppress the feelings. You must express the feeling so that appropriate solution can be destined.

Child in not solely mother’s responsibility; if you find it difficult to cope ask for husband’s and other family member’s help. Also make sure you substitute your home care work and baby care work evenly.

Prioritize the assignments, proper planning shall certainly help. Make sure you continue the vitamins and healthy diet even after child’s birth, since proper food and vitamins are not only food for body for healthy mind as well.