Develop Reading Habits In Kids

Kids generally love to stick to television screens or mobile gaming is their favourite pastime. With less physical and mental exercise their mind ceases to develop and here developing reading habits will help a lot.

It is not something which you can teach your child in seconds, it is a habit which needs to be inculcated in your kids from very early age. However there is no specific age to develop the habit of reading. Benefits of reading are numerous and cannot be counted but the best it does is empowers the child’s brain.  Reading develops imagination in child and curiosity level also rises.

The child learns new information every time he picks a new book. Thus books trigger the imaginative power, it increases the knowledge bank of your child, distracts him from television and other digital entertainers. These days’ kids watch television and play internet or mobile games more than reading books which is very alarming.

To divert their attention you need to teach and develop the habit of reading as soon as they start reading. The very first step into the school that is kindergarten also promotes reading. Firstly all the kids listen to what their teachers read to them. They listen to bedtime stories which you read to them, so the very first step of learning starts with reading.

Reading also develops writing and comprehension part in the kids. Developing good reading habits ensure that your child will have additional knowledge and thus an edge over the other classmates. Their brain will become sharper and constructive. Their chances of showing anti- social behaviour will be minimised if they read good books.

Reading being very important part in every child’s life imparts knowledge and they excel in the academic area too. This is such an enriching interest which if created lasts through out the lifetime. Moreover the more you read the more joy, sense of achievement and information you gather. Thus it is necessary to develop love for books in your kid.

As Somerset Maugham said “to acquire the habit of readings to construct for you a refuge from almost all the miseries of life. As our body needs food to work and stay healthy, good books can be said as good food to make your brain healthy. Initially when your child is developing this habit just keep an eye because bad books which are not fit for his reading might do the damage also.

Developing reading might also lead to development of writing skills also in your child. You will notice that reading and writing go hand in hand. Digital form of reading should be avoided till he starts differentiating between good reading and unhealthy reading. Best form of knowledge still comes in hard form that is books.

So make them your child’s best friend and they would not need one. Children with poor reading habits end up getting poor grades in school thus might develop behavioural problems like bullying, disliking school etc. A kid with good reading habits show excellent learning curve and boosts their memory also.