Developing Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills are small muscle movements in the finger of the kids along with the coordination of their eyes movement. It’s a skill which enhances the kids overall development and personality and hence can be termed as an essential skill.

During the essential years of children development , it’s the parents responsibility to develop fine motor skills in them through various games and activities. Although it is a slow learning process but its numerous benefits on childhood development, makes it important and vital part. By introducing certain games and activities in the daily life of kids, parents can develop these habits. Most surprising thing about these activities and games is that kids love doing them and so parents do not have to bother about forcing onto them.

Encourage kids to button and to zip their clothes while dressing themselves. Similarly, fastening their shoe laces is another daily activity which must be practiced. This helps in increasing the eye and hand movement coordination.

Playing games like puzzle solving, building blocks are indoor games which enhance fine motor skills. The basic concept here is to start with bigger blocks/pieces and gradually introducing smaller pieces as well as increasing the number of pieces. This increases their efficiency of holding smaller pieces.

Painting and tracing pictures is another way of developing motor skills in kids. Kids should be left free to paint and color pictures by using crayons, color pencils, water colors. Motivate them to draw and sketch their imagination. Cotton dabbing, vegetable printing, thumb printing are few other ways of encouraging kids to develop fine motor skills.

Playing with dough, making different moulds, shapes, designs etc also contributes in building motor skills in kids. Kids should also be encouraged to make stickers, posters etc.

Threading beads into a string is not only exciting for kids but it also increases concentration and coordination level. Origami, an art of paper folding also helps in enhancing fine motor skills in children.

So, in order to groom their kids into a healthy adult, parents must  introduce different activities in their kid’s life and help them to develop fine motor skills.

Raka Raghuvanshi