Developing Good Habits in Kids

Developing a kid into a good adult is a challenging task for every parent. Every parent wants their kids to mature into a responsible and good adult. This needs inculcating good habits in the kid’s right from the early stages of childhood .Home is the place where kids start learning good habits and parents are the teachers which help their kids to develop them.

This requires the parents to give appropriate time, love, affection to their kid’s. Parents should guide their kid’s right from the initial years about the good habits in their day to day life. In case the kids, perform a wrong action or show any incorrect behavior, parents should correct their kid’s behavior and should provide them the correct option. Parents should always encourage their kids in case they practice good habit.

Developing years of kids are very sensitive .Hence, parents need to handle them very carefully. Parents should maintain a balance between lenient, loving and strict regime to their kids.  Overpowering and dominating them makes them rebellious in nature.

Parents are role models for their kids.Hence; the most effective way of inculcating good habits in their kids is by practicing good habits themselves. Kids are very keen observer and thus by seeing the good habits in their parents, they too start imitating and following them and thus develop them into their regular habit.

Parents should explain to their kids the importance of good habits like healthy eating habits, importance of exercise, good sleeping habits, being polite, courteous, respectful etc in their life and should encourage and motivate them to follow them. They should follow reward system for their kids.

The younger the child, the easier for the parents to develop good habits. In case, a kid has developed some wrong habit, explain him the reason and give him some time to change his habit. Again this needs motivation and encouragement from parents. Punishments, harsh actions is not the solution.

Parents need to show patience while developing good habits in their kids. They should know, it’s a slow process and is not a one day task.Hence, running into wrong conclusions for your kids and demotivating them is a wrong approach.Instead, and his efforts in the right direction should be valued and appreciated.

No two individuals are same.Hence, parents should never make the mistake of comparing their kids with others kids. Rather it develops negative attitude in them.Hence, parents should try to develop good habits through loving, interesting and enjoyable instructions

Raka Raghuvanshi