Developing Hand Washing Habit In kids

Hand washing habit in kids helps them to stay healthy .By developing this habit; kids remain free from various germs and bacteria which causes different diseases.

Therefore, it’s important for parents to develop the habit of hand washing in their kids by detailing them about:

* When to wash hands
* How to wash hands

Kids are always active and during this process they keep on touching different things at home or even at market places.So,parents must always encourage their kids to wash hands regularly to avoid infections especially before and after following list of tasks:

* Before and after eating food
* Before and after cooking food
* Before and after touching sick people or small babies
* Before and after touching wounds
* After sneezing or coughing
* After tying show laces or touching shoes or dirty clothes etc
* After coming from market, parks or school
* After changing diaper
* After using wash rooms
* After playing with toys etc

Parents should themselves wash the hands of their kids when their kids are toddlers or infants. During this process they should try and make this habit of washing hands a fun activity. So that when kids grow up and are in a position to wash their hands on their own they enjoy doing it and do not run away.

For this parents can teach them to sing some small related rhyme like “wash-wash wash your hand wash it everyday…..father mother brother sister was it everyday.” Parents should teach their kids the right way of washing hands such that their hands are germ free.

* Wet your hand with water
* Pour few drops of soap on to your palm
* Rub them thoroughly throughout your palm forming lather.Scrub at all the places like finger tips,palm front and back side,wrist,between the fingers
* Now rinse them under running water and
* Dry them thoroughly

It’s always better to use antibacterial soap for washing hands as it kills the germs and protects us from illness.However, in places where there are no soap and water; we can also use alcohol free hand sanitizer to get germ free hands. Antimicrobial wipes are another option.

Thus by developing this simple habit of hand washing in our kids, we can help them to remain healthy.

Raka Raghuvanshi