Developing Listening Skills

Children are restless and so they have very small attention span.Therefore, when parents speak to their kids, they generally tend to ignore their communication. This habit of communication pitfall when not corrected during the childhood phase continues in their adulthood phase, which in return leads to various complications in their personal front as well as professional front.

Hence, every parent must develop their kid’s ability to focus and thus enhance their listening skills. Just like parents, kids too wish to seek attention from their parents when they communicate with them. So, parents too must listen to their kids actively and share their views. This helps to develop a healthy way of communication and encourages the kid to respond and interact.

Kids treat their parent as their role models and so they tend to copy their habits. Besides this, smaller kids spend maximum of their time at home. So, this further increases the chances of picking up their parent’s habit. Hence, parents should always practice good listening skills with their peer group, friends, partner as well.

In today’s electronic age, there are number of distractions . So, while speaking to kids, parents must make sure that during this period, kid is not distracted and is fully focused and hearing you attentively. In fact,video games, television viewing etc should also be minimized and instead children should be encouraged to play indoor or outdoor games.

Parents must communicate and explain their kids about the importance of good listening. However, the same should be in a simple and interesting manner. In addition to this, parents must also communicate their kids about the correct way of communication as well as their expectations from them while conversing.

The best way to reinforce any habit in kids is to provide them ample motivation. So, to develop good listening skills in kids; parents can prepare a weekly chart for them and assign stars according for their daily performance like golden, silver, bronze etc.

Parents must develop the habit of talking to their kids. On a daily basis, they can even communicate with their kids about the various activities at school, home or with friends. They can even develop the habit of reading short story books and asking them to narrate the story .This helps the kids to patience, focus and thus develops listening power.

Developing good listening skills is one of the biggest challenges for parents. Therefore parents must develop the habit in their kid’s right from their early age, both at home as well as outside home.

Raka Raghuvanshi