Developing skills since childhood

Childhood forms the base for all round development of every individual.They need to develop certain skills which equip them for their future life and learning. Skills like physical skills, communication skills, emotional skills, social skills, intellectual skills and other skills depends on childhood grooming.

Children are like wet clay and so they can be moulded into any desirable shape. Its entirely the parents skills on how they deal and cope up with their kids. Small activities included in their daily routine life helps.

Its a new world for children and they are full of curiosity. Every small thing excites them and makes them curious.So,whenever they approach you with certain queries,they must be answered satisfactorily as per their level of understanding. They must not be left unanswered,ignored or laughed about. Such reactions,stop the children from approaching their parents and sharing their curiosities. Instead,such behaviour of parents makes kids shy and hesitant.

Parents should develop one to one relationship with their  kids by communicating their feelings and emotions to them .This helps to develop strong emotional bond with them and make them feel important.In-return they too, start expressing their thoughts and feelings,which thereby develops better understanding and communication skills.

As children grow,management and planning skills are needed.This helps them to cope up with their day to day activities.This can be done by displaying simple activity chart in their room.Encouraging them to refer it daily,thereby helping them to prepare themselves mentally and planning their day ahead on their own.For smaller kids,activity chart in form of pictures relating to their activity should be made for them to understand it better.

List out the activities for the day and help them to prioritize their work.By doing so,they learn to set up short term goals which in later years help them to  prioritize their work and  set up their long term goals. Children thus slowly learn the life skills of time management as well as decision making skills.

Comprehensive learning in childhood helps to learn and grow with life skills.Thus,kids from the very young age learn to develop the habit of practising these skills in  their daily life at school,home and social circle.Slowly such practices make them confident and in future years when they grow up,nothing seems to be new for them and hence are able to take up all the responsibilities as challenges and flourish high.For such kids,sky is the limit.

Children , the citizens of tomorrow are formed today.So,the array of activities in their childhood,contribute towards the skill development and make them the achievers of tomorrow in both life skill and educational skills.

Raka Raghuvanshi