Development in Your Child at Thirty Months

By the time your child is two and a half, he will be able to understand most things around him. He can comprehend everything that you tell him, although he may not necessarily obey you. He will understand people around him, and know the difference between males and females, and the young and old. He is still likely to throw tantrums, but can be made to understand.

Your child will handle things with great ease now. He is happy around things he is familiar with. Things will become less difficult for him now. He can run and jump effortlessly, and also has a better memory. He also starts to develop anticipation.

Your child is also able to stand on tip toe. Allow this, as it will help develop a sens of balance in them. He can kick balls. He can also walk up and down the stairs, though me may still look for a hand or railing for support.

Your baby can also start to draw a straight line or even a circle if he is shown how. He can look at and recognise himself among others, even when you hold a photograph to him. He will constantly talk as he is playing, and he will repeat things frequently. You will also find that he will stutter when he is at a loss for words. He will not be hesitant to ask for any help.

He will also know where most parts of his body are. He can even show you his finfer and toe nails. He will show a keen interest in nursery rhymes and songs, and will even sing a few himself with help.

Your child really needs you now, and will continue to show separation anxiety. You must be around to help your baby to answer his questions, and also bring him under control. Your baby will get very frustrated if he is unable to, or is not allowed to do something.

Although your child will understand what sharing is all about, he may not want to practice it. He likes to be around children, but may not behave very well around them. He may like to play in the company of children, but not with them.

Your child will love to dress up, but still needs help from you. He loves things, and will try and collect everything. He will love bags and pockets, and will try and fill them as much as he can.