Diabetes During Pregnancy

A pregnant woman is supposed to be healthy and fit throughout the entire term of her pregnancy. But in reality this will not be the case and many unwanted conditions will keep on plaguing the expectant mother.

Diabetes during pregnancy is one such condition which can trouble an expectant mother. When diabetes develops during pregnancy, it is termed as gestational diabetes.

Around 4 percent of pregnant women are found to develop diabetes during pregnancy .This condition is characterized by high levels of blood sugar.

The uneven hormonal activity during pregnancy can hamper the normal insulin production in the body, thus leading to high levels of blood sugar. Women suffering from this condition may suffer from increased thirst and frequent urination tendencies. They will also be extremely fatigued always and may also experience blurred vision.

Even though gestational diabetes is seen to disappear after the birth of the baby, it can lead to many unwanted complications in your pregnancy. Babies born to women having gestational diabetes will be having very high birth weights. Also he will be highly susceptible to develop the condition of diabetes later in his life.

But you needn’t worry as there are many methods by which we can deal with the issue of diabetes during pregnancy.

You should evaluate the risks of contracting gestational diabetes right from the time you start planning your pregnancy. If you are overweight or if you have a family history of gestational diabetes, then you at an increased risk of contracting this condition.

Avoid becoming overweight. To achieve this do follow a well balanced and healthy diet. There are many diets which are specifically designed to prevent the occurrence of diabetes during pregnancy. Your diet should ideally be rich in fibers and low in sugars.

Always keep yourself completely hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Stay away from having junk foods and carbonated drinks as they can cause unwanted weight gain.

Also do follow a regular exercise routine. It is recommended that you exercise for at least 30 minutes a day. The best and easiest way to get a complete workout during pregnancy is to go for long walks.

You will be tested for gestational diabetes between the 24th and 28th weeks of your pregnancy. If tested positive, then the doctor will recommend daily monitoring of blood sugar and also insulin shots to tackle the condition.