Diaper Rash: Causes And Treatments

The initial years for you and your child could be quite daunting. A baby’s skin is very sensitive and hence he/she faces a higher risk of acquiring Diaper rash. There are a variety of rashes which are caused by factors like moisture, bacteria, chemicals etc. These rashes mostly begin with irritation and if not treated, it could lead to a condition called Candida infection/ yeast infection.

The major conditions that enhance the cause of Diaper Rash are the continuous exposure of the baby’s skin to wetness or moisture. This usually happens when the skin of the child is continuously exposed to the urine or stool with the diaper not being changed. The urine releases ammonia when it breaks down, which increases the Ph level of the skin.

This reacts with enzymes in the stool causing infection. Cloth diapers are not that absorbent as compared to the disposable ones. The terry toweling diapers tend to cause even more harm as it helps in developing favorable conditions for rashes with the heat and moisture it produces within the skin.

Furthermore, the tightness of the diaper too can lead to the skin rubbing against it causing mild or simple irritation. Sometimes a child may also be allergic to certain chemicals used in the diaper wipes or the diaper itself and if their skin is sensitive it becomes all the more worst. A child may also get infected by such conditions if the child or the mother is on antibiotics. Certain bacterial infection may too worsen the situation.

It generally occurs in the folds of the skin or the anal area of the child often causing inflammation of the genital areas. Once the child has been infected with such rashes it becomes very difficult hence it is always better to prevent it by changing the diaper of the child as frequently as possible. Also apply a barrier ointment, which protects the skin from the urine and stool, on changing the diaper.

In case a child is infected with the candida infection your doctor may prescribe an antifungal medication or steroid cream. These diaper rashes tend to fade away within seven days of the treatment. Some home remedies would include the use of vegetable oil or diluted apple cider vinegar.

Rakesh Kumar Lakshman

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