Diaper Rash Treatment

Diaper Rash is a very common problem and babies normally suffer from it at one point of time or the other.Diaper rash occurs if the skin around which the diaper is wrapped remains wet or if the diaper remains unchanged for a very long time.

To begin with it is very important to change your baby’s diaper at least 8-10 times a day.You will have to keep track of the time when your baby wets the diapers and change it as soon as you can.Because the longer you take to change the diaper, the more will be the severity of the diaper rash.

Apart from changing the diapers on time, mothers will have to try out all possible brands of disposable diapers or cloth nappies and choose the one that suits best for their babies.This is because certain kind of diaper’s may not suit certain babies and such diapers are likely to cause more rashes.

You will have to make it a habit to wash your babies diaper area as soon as you change the diaper.When your baby wets its diaper then you should take the soiled diaper off and wash your babies diaper area and dry it properly.If possible, let your baby roam around naked for a while so that its skin can breathe.This will help treat and prevent diaper rash.

Some babies may suffer from yeast rash which might appear as tiny red bumps on the skin.If yeast rash occurs then you will have to take additional precautions and use over the counter topical creams to cure yeast rash.Applying curd or a thin layer of vegetable oil to the yeast rash helps in fast recovery.Make sure that you do not give your baby foods or fluids rich in sugar as that might worsen the yeast rash.

Also remember to give your baby plenty of water and other non sugary fluids.If you use baby wipes then ensure that the chemicals present in the wipes are not worsening your baby’s diaper rash.You can simply take a cloth and wipe your baby dry instead of using baby wipes.Make it a point to wash your babies clothes properly to prevent diaper rashes.By following these tips you will be able to treat your baby’s diaper rash in no time.