Diet for a Healthy Pregnancy

A healthy pregnancy gives birth to a healthy child. It is vey important to have all important nutrients during pregnancy, as it will guard you against post pregnancy complications and will also help the baby to grow healthy. The eating habits of an expecting woman needs to be monitored as she has to eat right for herself as well as the baby who is growing inside her.

A pregnant woman needs to have iron in large amount included in her daily diet. Iron helps in raising hemoglobin level which is essential during pregnancy. Iron is found in spinach, peanuts, whole grains and red meat.

Calcium provides the required strength to the body which a pregnant woman needs. It strengthens your bones and muscles as well as baby’s teeth. All the dairy products are rich source of calcium. One can have low fat dairy products to keep your weight under control.

The initial three months of pregnancy are critical. One should not forget to take folic acid during this stage, as it is vital for baby’s nervous system. It is found in green leafy vegetables, bears, yeast and cereals. Intake of vitamin C should also be increased which is present in all citrus fruits.

Two things which are very important are fiber and water. Constipation, gas, hemorrhoids, urinal infection are common during pregnancy. Both fiber and water improve your digestion and helps in preventing these problems. Oats, cereals, peas, fruits, pulses and beans are rich source of fiber.

There are a few things one must avoid during pregnancy. Lessen your in take of tea and coffee as it causes fluid reduction in body. Avoid tinned food or greasy junk food as it causes acidity and nausea. Keep a check on your salt intake, as excess of it causes high blood pressure and water retention in the body. Instead of binging on food at one time, try to have five to six smaller meals as it improves digestion.

Just like first three months, the last three months are also important. The development of baby speeds up during these months. A diet rich of all important nutrients is essential during this period, to make the baby enter this world healthy and happy.