Difference Between Foster & Adoption

Difference Between Foster & AdoptionThere are a lot many of us, who either for our personal reasons or for the benefit of abandoned children, want to adopt a kid, however the procedural details and associated technical differences between foster care and adoption, tend to confuse.

Well if the apprehensions related to the process and lack of knowledge happen to be the reason behind the delay, wait no longer. Those children really need to be shielded with the warmth of love; besides being with kids will enrich your life.

Difference And Similarities

Adoption is a legal process whereby when you adopt a child, you become the legal parent of the child. Child now takes your surname and you are exclusively responsible for the kid. State will not interfere at any level and thus whether it be deciding the pediatrician or finalizing the kid’s school, you have complete authority.

Unlike adoption, fostering is a process whereby you take the responsibility of providing life to a child, who is living in foster care. The kid for some reason is not living with the biological parents and in this case, state shares the responsibility. In fact legally, the child remains a responsibility of the state. For every important decision regarding the child, you must obtain consent.

There will be monthly checks, organized by the state to ensure that the child is being taken care of. Costs incurred in raising the kid, can be shared with the administration. Specific nuances will vary depending upon the type of foster care. For instance it could be long term foster care or short term options like emergency or remand foster care.

Beyond Legalities

In both cases, the child needs your love to live life to the fullest. A critical difference however is the treatment offered. Many couples are quite proactive when it comes to adopting an infant, but the reactions are quite averse in case of foster adoption.

Kids who have reached foster homes have a history of issues with them. They are there because they have suffered in some way. These kids have faced more than their share of miseries and now they must be protected with the veil of love. However prospective parents often feel inhibited in taking custody of a foster child. Such children are treated as spoilt kids, who might not adjust in an ideal family setting.

However such a perspective only confirms the shallow approach we have, when we talk about helping a deserted kid grow with dignity. A kid who is in foster care is not somebody with a criminal background. This baby has only suffered and by not willing to take care of such a child, you are only adding to the miseries.

Thus as you explore the options, do not just overlook children in foster care because the kid might not be the ‘ideal’ choice or legalities bother. On the legal front, take advice of lawyer and just follow the procedure. And anyways, even if you adopt a child, there will be associated legalities.

meenakshi ahuja