Different Positions of Child Birth

Once you are in labour, you need to start walking around and standing in different positions that will actually help to push the baby down. it is not necessary to lie down and wait. Gravity will help in pushing the baby down. There are also various other positions besides walking and standing that will help the baby to be pushed out more easily.

It is always better to be in the upright position. A good way to use gravity to push the baby out is by sitting on a chair in the opposite direction and asking your partner to gently press your back while you are sitting. Another one is standing and leaning against your partner and slowly swaying to and fro every time you feel a contraction .These movements will help your baby be pushes down.

If you are in the hospital, you can also lean against a atble and ask your spouse, nurse or a amily memerb to gently press your back. Your contractions that you experience will be much less painful.

Another thing you can try and do is keep a chair behind you and take support of the chair using your arms. Crouch down low in a squatting position. This will also help speed up the delivery and ease the discomfort. If you find this uncomfortable and experience pain in the thighs, you can try and keep one leg on a chair or stool and try gently to do some lunges.

Most women feel that their labour can be shorter quicker if they are in a standing position. It is much better if you are not lying down as in that position you are working against the force of gravity.

These positions during your contractions for all the time that you are int he hospital will not only help you, but also ensure hat you have a relatively quick and easy delivery. It will help you prepare for the baby. Avoid using the stirrups even if the doctor recommends it. It is even more difficult to go through the delivery. Opt for a standing or squatting position instead.