Different Pregnancy Questions That Arise In The Mind Of Women After 35

Several women have become more concerned about their career and personal life and have put off having children in their early age. They wish to become better prepared for those responsibilities that are associated with pregnancy and having a child.

Some women wait till the age of 35 and wish to have children after this age. There are certain concerns for the women at the age of 35 to become pregnant and they have several pregnancy questions that arise in their mind. These concerns and issues are related to their age and also to the future of the child.

One important concern is that does this age affect fertility as it tends to decline at this age. Some of the other reasons for decline includes less number of eggs as women ages, have less sex drive, and decreased number of sperm in the partner.

The women at the age of 35 have different questions that need to be answered properly to have a healthy pregnancy. They need to understand the complication associated with pregnancy at this age than for a younger woman. They must take great precaution with increased screening that will make pregnancy much safer.

Another question that arises is about possibility of Down syndrome affecting the child. Studies have shown that the number of children with such symptom is on the rise when the woman is pregnant at the age of 35. The other major question that eats the mind of woman over 35 is about miscarriage. The percentage of chances of miscarriage increases with age.

The other questions that arise in woman at 35, is about child’s birth being normal or caesarean. The possibility of increase in health issues happen for woman above the age of 35. To overcome these issues and reduce the possibility of other health issues as a mother, woman beyond 35 must take number of preventive steps.

Eat healthy and get the recommendation from your doctor. Never smoke or drink alcohol while you are pregnant. Limit caffeine in the drink and pay attention to the food you need regularly. Be free of stress and get proper sleep and rest. One must attend all scheduled doctor’s appointment and follow their instructions. These steps will help you have a healthy pregnancy at the age of 35.


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    hi i m pinaki my wife 32yrs having 24 weeks pregnency she is loosing her sleep only 1 to 2hrs out of 24 hrs