Different Ways of Making Kids Drink Milk

Everyone would agree to the fact that milk is a rich source of calcium and vitamin D, which are very essential for development of growing kids. On the contrary, it’s the most difficult task for the parents to get their kids drink milk.However,for this small reason of kids not preferring to drink milk we cannot let them ignore their glass of milk in their daily diet.

Every loves change and children are not exceptions too.So, parents must ensure to include milk in their kids diet by providing them in various possible flavors and forms, so that they can enjoy the drink and avail its benefits too.

Today the market is full of various milk additives with different flavors .So, adding them in your kids milk(hot or cold) as per their choice and preferences will make them drink their milk without any resistance and this will also provide additional nutrients present in milk additives which will help them in their proper growth as well.

Milk shakes are another option to infuse milk in kids’ diet. As per your kid’s fruit preference like banana, mango, plum, strawberry milk shakes can be made at home easily. For this, blend some fruit, ice and bit sugar (optional) into a smooth paste. Later add milk and blend again for few seconds. Garnish them with the small pieces of same fruit and serve chilled. Even chocolate hot shakes are relished by kids and are a good option to make them drink their milk.

Smoothies provide unlimited possibilities to infuse milk in kids. For this you need frozen fruits, juice and yoghurt. Similarly like milk shakes, smoothies are a very rich, energetic and healthy drink. It gives parents an opportunity to add fruits in their kid’s diet as well besides milk.

Kids love cheese and so it makes parents task of including milk easier. Cheese is made from milk which is equivalent to number of glasses of milk.So, by including cheese in our kid’s diet, we are indirectly including milk in their diet .Some of the easiest and quickest options are brown bread cheese sandwich with fresh vegetables or cheese macaroni.

One can incorporate milk by including cornflakes, oats, and cereals in their diet. Rice puddings, custards, desserts, cheese cakes etc are other milk options which parents can encourage their kids to eat.Thus, by following these methods; parents can maintain the nutrients intake in their kids and help them to lead healthy life.

Raka Raghuvanshi