Different ways to feed fussy toddlers

Food refusal is a normal part of kids growing up phase. Toddlers are generally fussy eaters and go through this period .They are very choosy about eating and hence a great concern for parents.

Parents concern is about their toddlers nutritional requirement.Hence, during this period instead of being anxious and worried, parents should plan and try to deal with their fussy eaters smartly.

Parents should not force their toddlers to eat. This makes them adamant and they start relating food with unpleasant experience.Instead, parents must try and develop interest in their toddlers for eating. They must make it more interesting and fun rather than a normal boring activity.

Parents must maintain and follow a proper schedule for their toddler’s meal. When this is followed regularly, kids slowly realize that during their meal time they need o eat their food. Besides this, even their digestive system functions properly and this makes them hungry on time. It’s always better if parents too can join them on the dining table and eat along with them. Providing encouragement and praise to toddlers acts as motivators to finish their food.

Toddlers get distracted very easily.Therefore, parents must make it a point to create calm and cool atmosphere while having meals. They must give their toddlers enough time to finish their meals and should not rush them. They should neither force them nor bribe them to eat. Should allow them to eat as much they want to and respect their appetite.

Toddlers take time to develop taste for new food. Generally they don’t like the new food in one go.Therefore, parents must not give up the hope instead they must repeat the food in order to develop the taste in them. In addition to this, parents must join their toddlers while eating new food. This makes the kids more confident about the food and they start following their parents.

Parents must not feed their toddlers with snacks or juices or milk before meal time. This makes them full and leaves no place for their meals .Parents must not keep junk foods at home and instead should prepare and keep some ready to eat healthy snacks for some emergency period.

In order to provide toddlers with balanced diet, parents must try and serve them the maximum nutrition in their meals. They should prepare their favorite food by adding vegetables, fruits etc so that food becomes more healthy.

Raka Raghuvanshi