Discipline Your Toddler in 3 Steps

Children are disciplined in a multitude of ways. Some are spanked while some others have their privileges taken away. If you sue the word ‘no’ from early in their developmental stage, then you will find that unwanted behavior can be stopped without much effort.

First, do not put any items within their reach which are easily breakable. If he/she starts reaching out for that item, stop him/her by saying a firm ‘no’. Gradually your child will understand that touching that thing may not be the right thing to do.

Secondly, many parents do not feel the need to provide an explanation to the young ones thinking that will not understand. But the reality is that they do understand. You can give your explanation by adding a simple smile or just a nod of your head.

You are actually inculcating the meaning of the word ‘no’ in your child. If you start yelling your child then he/she will become upset and an uneasy distance will be created between you two. Third, it might happen that at first you child is not responding to your ‘no’. Don’t be upset. Just repeat the command and gesture him/her to step away from the object.

Your child will understand that you mean what you said. Repeat the steps over and over again in the rare circumstance that your child behave stubbornly and does not respond to your commands. Don’t ever lose your patience and calmly explain to him/her that he/she is not supposed to touch those items.

These usually work for all parents. But you can innovate from time to time to explain something to your child or to discipline your child. You should not be harsh as it is not a good thing if your child starts fearing you.

Unwanted behaviors in a child are not an uncommon phenomenon. So although there is a need to discipline your child, care must be taken so that the limit is never crossed. You would never want to upset your child. These methods are generally very effective in instilling discipline in your child. So there is no reason why these will not be successful in your case.