Do not Neglect Your First Born

If you are pregnant for the second time your first child is going to be the most excited. Make sure you involve her in all your visits to the doctor and allow her to be a part of your pregnancy. You must spend quality time with her as you are going to be very busy when the new baby comes and your older one is sure to feel a bit neglected.

Have long chats with her and tell her that you are going to get busy when the baby comes but will not love her any less. Take her for movies and make sure to take a few family holidays before the new baby arrives. Also explain to your older one that the baby is very small and needs to be handled carefully. It is very common to find older ones purposely trying to injure the baby due to lack of attention.

Take your older one with you and allow her to choose things for the new baby so that she feels that she is an important part in the baby’s life. Also get lots of extra presents and keep giving it to her regularly when she is upset after the baby comes.

You may tell yourself that you will not neglect your older one; but that is not going to be possible. Handling two kids is tough and you are going to be more exhausted than when you were managing your first born. try and avoid taking out your anger on your older one.

Instead ask her to sie with you while you are feeding and talk to her and let her help in the baby’s bath without you being scared of her harming the baby. Let her do simple things like gently appling oil on the hands and legs or just dabbing powder on the baby.

Your husband can help a great deal by taking the older one out for a while so that you spend some quiet time alone with your new baby and can rest a bit. Remember this will pass and life will settle down again.