Does Green Tea Boosts Fertility? Know The Facts

The problem of infertility is sharply on the rise in recent years. Infertility is described as the inability to produce an offspring and can be attributed to both male and female. The effects and consequences of infertility can be high reaching and can even lead to family and social issues such as divorces and breakups. More or less it gives trying times to couples.

There are several causes of infertility. Also there are multiple contributing factors that lead to infertility. And one of these factors is modern-day lifestyle which is so hectic and stressful. Moreover use of alcohol and smoking also reduces the fertility of both the sexes over time.

As such, lifestyle and dietary habits play a big role in influencing fertility. And one of the good things you can add in the list of good foods is green tea. The benefits of green tea are many and researches have also proved beyond doubt that green tea enhances both female and male fertility. By now you must developed a special liking for this wonder tea. Let’s find out how green tea can boost fertility.

Green teas are powerful antioxidants and hence promote your general health including your fertility. Just to go deeper, green tea extracts contain polyphenols, which is known to boost the maturity level of the eggs. Thus by making the eggs more mature, the chances of a sperm fertilizing one of them is raised. Thus consuming green tea is likely to increase the percentage of viable embryos.

As such, an ideal environment is created for conceiving. In male, the fertility level is increased with consumption of green tea. This tea contains substances which enhances the fertility of the sperms. Moreover there is a possibility that the motility of the sperms is increased with consumption of green tea.

As you see that green teas have many benefits. Even if you are not planning to conceive right away, you can start having green tea for it improves your general health. It gives you a calming effect, thus reducing stress and anxiety levels. It also helps improves the function of your immune system and cardiovascular system.