Does Having Smaller Breasts Affect Breastfeeding? Know the Facts

It is a general conception that bigger breasted women have more milk producing potential than women with smaller breasts. It is also one of the concerns of smaller breasted women. However, the good news for such women is there is no relationship between the breast size and milk production. New moms with small breast can breastfed as well as their bigger breasted counterparts.

This may be explained by the fact that the breast size depends on the fatty tissues present in the breasts. More amount of fat cells results in bigger breasts, while lower the amount of such cells, smaller is the size of the breasts. The size of the milk producing apparatus in all breastfeeding mothers almost remains the same.

As such, mothers with small breasts can produce the same amount of milk as mothers who have larger breasts. So if you are concerned with your breasts size and breastfeeding, your fears are totally unwarranted. Moreover, you never know the exact size of your breasts until the third trimester of your first pregnancy.

A slight advantage a bigger breasted mom can have over a breastfeeding mom with smaller breasts may relate to milk storage capacity. Breast milk is produced continuously and is stored in the milk ducts when you are not breastfeeding your baby. A study has found that the storage capacity is not the same in all breastfeeding women even though the amount of milk production may be similar. Women with smaller breasts are likely to have smaller storage capacity.

This may be a disadvantage for smaller breasted women. However, you can compensate this by breastfeeding your baby frequently. Since the amount of milk stored in your breasts is lesser, it can be emptied quickly and your baby may not be adequately fed. As such, you can frequently nurse your baby to do away with this disadvantage.

At times, smaller breasts can work to your advantage. The babies of bigger breasted women may have a problem in latching on to the breasts. It takes time before the baby grows and makes the necessary adjustments. In such cases, using a breast pump and bottle-feeding the baby may be a solution.