Does Light Affect The Baby While In The Womb

Does Light Affect The Baby While In The WombA baby finds the womb of a mother to be a dark and comfortable place. The surroundings of the baby inside the womb is very dark but light do filter through the abdomen and the baby can sense it. If you shine a light from a torch on your abdomen you will know how the unborn baby reacts.

Sensing Light

A 4 month old fetus can actually sense light even though the eyes are closely shut. If you shine light on your abdomen, the baby will try to move away from the light source. However, there is a slim chance of actually feeling these movements. Even if you manage to feel them, it will be nothing but flutters.

In the 7th week of pregnancy the baby in the womb will start blinking here eyes. Since the eyesight of the baby is developing at this stage, there is a possibility that he may actually see the light coming through the womb.

The Mother can still shine the flashlight on her abdomen during this period to check the response of the baby. Again, the baby will make an effort to move away from the source of light but this time you can feel the movements of the baby.

What Do The Baby Actually See?

Many mothers often wonder what actually happens when the light passes through the abdomen and reaches the baby. What does the baby actually see? The unborn baby actually sees shades of red and orange but this will depend upon the brightness of the light that is being filtered through the abdomen.

If the light is bright, then the intensity of the light that the baby sees will also be brighter. The natural reaction of the baby will be to try to move away from the source of light or to keep the eyes closed.

What Will Be The Baby’s Reaction?

The most likely reaction of the baby after she sees the light will be to move away from it. The unborn baby in the womb of her mother will definitely react when light falls on the abdomen. This reaction is usually associated with heart accelerations.

The mother should not get worried as these are not harmful to the baby. This only shows that the baby has been stimulated. Many doctors opine that a baby’s reaction to light is also a good indicator of the overall development of the baby’s health. An unborn baby in the womb moving trying to move away from the light source is an indicator of its good health.

When a woman conceives for the first time, it is a joyous moment for both the parents. The 9 months of pregnancy is a learning phase which will enable you to understand the process of baby development in the womb.

Many mothers shine flashlight on their abdomen in the 7th or 8th of pregnancy to feel the movement of the baby inside the womb which is an exciting feeling after all. But no mother should over do it as the little one might get ‘disturbed’.

Photo Credit: Pregnancybabychild