Does Stress During Pregnancy Cause Miscarriage?

There are as many supporters of stress as cause of miscarriage, as there are detractors. For many, stress is a medically proven risk that causes stillbirth and miscarriage.

At the other end of the spectrum, the detractors call this the most outright myth going around. So what is the truth? Well, lets just say that it lies somewhere in the middle.

The Old Bogey

Stress was always a bogey linked to miscarriage because in olden times, the mood swings in women especially during pregnancy were linked to many bizarre conjectures.

In ancient times, these mood swings were linked to witchcraft and the fact that somebody was trying to harm the baby. But, before you reject the link of stress and miscarriage, as a figment of imagination, you need to take a look at some studies.

Indication of Various Studies

So why have various researchers and their studies linked stress to miscarriage and various other problems during pregnancy. The reason is a substance called cortisol, a hormone whose levels increases when people experience excess levels of stress.

Studies indicate that normal levels of this hormone in a woman’s body don’t harm the child, but if the levels are much more than normal, it can lead to miscarriage.

It’s easier to blame Stress

Every pregnant woman experiences stress. So, if stress causes miscarriage, most women should suffer miscarriage. But this does not happen? The fact is that the levels of stress do go up during pregnancy, but it’s not something that the woman can’t handle.

There are some women who just can’t stop worrying about their baby, and they worry a lot. Even such women go on to deliver healthy babies. So, there is a big “if” linked to stress, when it comes to being the chief culprit that causes a miscarriage.

Typically, if there is a miscarriage, and a woman looks back at what must have gone wrong, stress emerges as the easiest possible reason. This is not necessarily the right reason.

Even people around the woman might start blaming stress as the causative factor of miscarriage. This happens a lot when there is miscarriage. Leading to the wrong assumption that if there is miscarriage, stress is to be blamed!