Doing Your Job Well

If you have decided to work through your pregnancy; you will have to organize your day a bit differently. Pregnancy brings with it its own share of discomforts which vary in all women. If you are lucky you may not experience nausea and tiredness. But if you do you have to sort out your day so that you can do your job better.

Sort out your day so that you do the most challenging tasks in the first half of the day. Try and get to work early so that you can get things done without any interruptions and delays. Talk to your boss and ask him if he would allow you to work from home at least once every two weeks.

When you take the day off work less and make the most of relaxing on that day. If you are feeling sick on any particular day it is better to call in sick rather than have a bad day and not get much done anyway; or at least work only half day. Your health is most important.

Even at your job make sure to take a proper lunch break; even if you never did before. Take at least forty five minutes off to realx and eat slowly. Do not rush through your meal; it will only make you feel worse.  Avoid standing for long periods of time and also do not sit for too long.

Prop your feet up and keep rotating your ankles as and when you can. If you organize your work well and complete all assignments given to you your boss will make adjustments for you when you decide to get back to work after your delivery.

When you get home rest for a while rather than getting straight to your task of cleaning or cooking. Take a bath or read a book or just lie down and do nothing for at least half an hour.It is important to know that since you are pregnant you cannot do everything that you used to do and also do it at the same speed. Start to delegate work if you can and just let somethings be.