Do’s And Don’ts For Couples Trying To Conceive

Do's And Don'ts For Couples Trying To ConceiveStarting a family is a very big step for every new couple. Whether you are planning to start a family the second day of your marriage or 4 years down the line, you need measure a lot precautions and safety tips in order to ensure the beginning of safe, healthy, and happy family. Starting a family and getting pregnant is a very big responsibility and it has a lot more magnitude than it sounds.

As such never take pregnancy lightly, because it is a very serious matter and you have to be mature and ready enough to want to have a baby. The first step of starting a family is planning your pregnancy and this is where the do’s and don’ts of conception kick in. Conception is a very delicate process and it has to be carried out exactly right.

Although it can be said that is simply having sex or making love; however there are a lot of other external factors that both the male and the female partner need to be careful of in order to ensure pregnancy, and that too the start of a healthy one. Hence, try to follow a guide that helps you understand certain things that you should do and certain things that you should not do in respect to conception.

Keeping Track of Ovulation

It is very important for a woman to keep a precise track record of her ovulation cycle. As we all know, women have the highest chances of pregnancy during ovulation because this is when the eggs are released and ready for fertilization. It has also been scientifically proven that the amount of sex you have in respect to your ovulation can help increase or decrease the chances of fertility. It is best to limit your sexual activities, in terms of having sex, only during the two weeks of your ovulation. Other times it is best to draw the line towards foreplay and making out, so that the romance is always alive and your need and want to be with each other always stays alive as well.

Avoiding Masturbation – Males and Females

Masturbation is a very common activity, and while it starts usually during the early teenage years, it is sure to continue way into the married life as well. Masturbation is an activity that both males and females engage in, and while it is more common amongst males, it is a favorite amongst women as well. There are lots of reasons for doing it, and mostly it is either because the partner may be away or just to remember one’s own touch.

Either way, if a couple is trying conceive, then especially for the males it is imperative that you put a halt on masturbating somewhere around a month or so before conceiving.  This is because not masturbating for the time before conceiving will allow you to have a higher quality and quantity of sperms. This would further help you to ensure pregnancy and the healthier the sperm that fertilizes the egg, the healthier your future baby would be.

Quitting Alcohol and Smoking

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One of the biggest enemies of pregnancy. Both alcohol and smoking affect the blood stream of the mother, and under no circumstances can a woman expecting to get pregnant can afford to compromise on the quality of her blood. This is because her blood is the only way nourishment would be transferred to the growing baby for the next nine months. In addition to that alcohol and smoking both lower self-control on a person as well as extensive damage to brain cells. All of this can be very harmful and cause serious negative impacts on the development of your baby. As such it is important for you to fully stop smoking forever, and be very cautious about your alcohol consumption.

Having a Nutritious and Balanced Diet

Food is very important because what you eat your baby eats. The amount of nutrition you obtain from the types of foods you eat, your baby receives only a portion of that, as such it is very important for a pregnant mother or one hoping to conceive to have a very good diet. A healthy diet consists of fibrous foods, large amounts of proteins as well as vitamins. Iron and folic acid are amongst the most essential elements required for the optima development of the fetus. A pregnant woman is required to have around 200-300 extra calories per day for about a year. That is why it is important and the right time for you to plan out a healthy and balanced diet well in advanced of conceiving your baby.

Conceiving – Sex, and Comfort

This is the main part and what begins the amazing nine-month journey of pregnancy for every woman. Now for some couples the news of pregnancy might come just a few weeks after having stopped contraceptive measures. However for some, it could take much longer, and this is simply because every person is different and there is not set of rules of magic book that can help accelerate the process of conceiving. The best thing is to focus on making your love making as comfortable and loving as possible.

Keep a pillow underneath the woman’s lower back. This will raise her belly making penetration and ejaculation much easier. Take your time with foreplay and do not rush, you have to have the right mind set for this. In addition to all of the above mentioned, after having sex, the woman should not move for at least 30 to 40 minutes, in order to allow the sperms to accommodate themselves. Keep a pillow under her head as well and make her feel very comfortable. During her ovulation have sex as many times as possible because having sex every time increases the chances of pregnancy by 20%.


Just remember that pregnancy is a very beautiful thing and having is the most precious thing in the world. As such it is your responsibility to make sure that you do whatever you need to ensure that the baby which will soon be growing inside you is happy and healthy before it comes out into the world.

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