Do‘s and Don’ts for New Born Baby Care

Baby care is a tough job for a woman since it is delicate and too small to do anything on its own. It is required to be a good parent for proper growth of a child and ensure his good health. It is normal to freak out after having a first baby. So here are some of the do’s and don’ts for a proper baby care that every parent must follow.

It is essential to put nappy instead of cloth on baby to keep him dry and comfortable. Check the nappy in every hour because a new born tends to urinate a lot in a day. Feed in properly and make sure he burps. Feed him when necessary and give him good support so that he does not cry. Holding a child in correct manner is essential.

Hold him in the arms and don’t lift it by single hand. If you are bottle feeding the child then always check the milk by tasting it before giving it. Regular massaging makes the blood circulation good so do it and let your baby take enough sunlight to have vitamin D.

To entertain new born, play fun games like making cute noises, clapping hands, etc. keeping dangerous things like heat objects, creams and chemicals, etc away from the reach of child always. Bath him in 2-3 days with lukewarm water and towel dry him. Do not bath him daily and use harmful shampoo and soaps on him.

Make use of baby soap, powder, etc always. Take the baby for walking in evening. Sing lullabies to the baby to keep it smiling. Singing acts as a good stress buster. If the baby is crying then take it in arms and make him feel the warmth of mother.

Keep the baby safe by keeping him in baby bed. For the health of baby, get regular checks ups done in every 1 month and also make sure that you breast feed the child for proper nutrition. So these are the various things that you must take care of once your child is born. So do it.