Early Signs of Labor Pain

As your due date approaches, you start thinking about the labor pains. Every mother has her own experience to share. There are certain symptoms which may be classified under symptoms of labor pain. You need to be aware of these signs so that you can prepare yourself physically and emotionally.

Labor pain is more of a process than an event. There are so many changes in your body that help you together and prepare you for giving birth.

In early phase, which is also known as latent phase, you may experience the following symptoms:
– A crampy premenstrual kind of feeling, continuous lower back pain.

– A bloody show. This is one of the sure shot signs of labor. You will see a brownish or a blood stained mucus discharge.

– You will experience very painful contractions at regular intervals. As the time passes the contractions will become stronger in intensity and intervals will become shorter.

– When your water breaks, you can assume that you are in labor. But it has to be accompanied by contractions.

Some very early signs which can tell you that labor is about to happen are:
– When you feel that your baby’s head is beginning to drop in your pelvis.

– If you have loose bowel movements.

– You notice that you are able to eat more and you have to wee very frequently.

– The vaginal discharge becomes very heavy.

Do not hesitate to call your midwife at any time if you have any doubts. If you are not sure that you are in labor, do call your midwife and explain your condition.

But you must immediately call your doctor or midwife if you suspect that you are leaking amniotic fluid. There may be a problem if you feel that your baby is not moving or you have a vaginal bleeding.

If you suspect any symptoms of labor pain, keep yourself calm and composed. Do whatever you can to relax yourself. Try to rest as much as you can. Taking a warm shower helps a lot in easing labor pains.

Your midwife will advice you on how to cope with labor pains and when to come to hospital.

chhavi khullar