Early Signs Of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very special time in a woman’s life. From the beginning, right up to the ninth month, pregnancy can be a roller coaster ride for a woman. Yet, these nine months mark the development of a new life, and is a time to be cherished.An important thing to be remembered is that no two pregnancies are alike. Symptoms and signs that one woman develops may not show up in other instances. Each pregnancy is unique, so careful attention must be paid to one’s body and its needs and requirements.

The first and easiest sign that can be used to ascertain pregnancy is a missed period. A missed period does not necessarily denote pregnancy, but is the first thing to watch out for after unprotected sex.

Tender breasts and fatigue are also initial signs of pregnancy. Implantation bleeding is also noted as one of the earliest signs of being pregnant. After 6-12 days of conception, spotting or light bleeding is experienced by some women, cramps may also occur.

Nausea and morning sickness are signs that develop from the second week onwards, occurring mostly through the first trimester. Some women may not experience it at all, while others may feel nauseous throughout the pregnancy.

Backaches and headaches also make an appearance as symptoms. These, in addition to the ones stated above, should give a fairly good idea as to whether one has successfully conceived or not.

These signs can be related to purely hormonal imbalances as well, and at this stage, a common pregnancy test can be of help. Most drugstores stock pregnancy tests that need small urine samples to ascertain pregnancy. Once a positive is seen on a home pregnancy test kit, it is time for a visit to the doctor.

A doctor advises for ore-natal care, and each pregnancy receives customized care. Problems that may develop in the pregnancy can also be diagnosed soon.

Unusual food cravings, frequent urination and darkening areolas – the area around the nipples – are also determining signs of pregnancy. If all these signs and symptoms are noted, and pregnancy is confirmed, then really good care must be taken of one’s health and body. There is now a second life to live for, and complete health should be assured to the new baby.


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